DO NOT send fiber without contacting us for availability.
Note: All spinning pricing is based on minimum lot size of 3 pounds. No minimum for roving or felt. A lot is the amount of fiber to be processed in one run. If you wish to have a small special fleece processed separately, you will be charged for the minimum of 3 pounds.

We do not accept alpaca leg and/or neck fiber to be processed into yarn.

A $35.00 per fleece fee will be added for any fleece found with foreign objects that might damage our machinery.

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All fleece should be well skirted prior to shipment.

Fiber must be a minimum of 2 inches and a maximum of 6 inches in length.

We reserve the right to reject any fiber deemed unsuitable for processing.

Washing - all fiber will be washed here.
  • $6.00 per pound of incoming weight (Washing only $8.00 per pound)
Picking and Carding
  • $6.00 per pound of washed weight for roving or spinning ($9.00 per pound for fine wool, such as merino)
  • $6.00 per pound of washed weight to be felted
  • $7.50 per pound of washed weight for wool batts
  • $9.00 per pound of washed weight for exotic fiber batts
  • $10.00 per pound based on weight of fiber entering the process. The amount of loss depends on the quality and cleanliness of the fiber. This machine removes most guard hair, vegetation and second cuts dramatically improving the quality of your finished product. Loss can vary from 10% or less to as much as 50% depending on the quality of your fiber.
  • $15.00 per pound for dehairing of washed fiber with no other processing
Spinning 2 ply* (on cones)
  • $17.00 per pound of finished product for Bulky or Worsted weight
  • $18.00 per pound of finished product for DK or Sport weight
  • $19.00 per pound of finished product for Fingering
  • $23.00 per pound of finished product for Lace weight
* Add $3.00 per pound for 3 ply

Additional Services
  • Blending Fibers at the carder -- $3.00/lb of natural colors furnished by customer.

    We have the following blending fibers available for sale (no blending fee). Contact us for current prices:

    • Domestic Merino Wool - White
    • Immported Merino Wool - White, Black or Dark Brown
    • Tussah Silk - White
    • Bamboo White
    • Nylon - White
    • Maine Alpaca - White, other natural colors may be available
Winding of measured yardage skeins
  • Skeins 4 oz or larger - $3.50 per pound (please specify desired yardage)
  • Skeins less than 4 oz - $4.50 per pound (please specify desired yardage)
  • $20.00 per pound of felt. Fiber must be washed, picked and carded before felting.
  • actual shipping and packaging cost
Prices subject to change without notice

What you can expect when you send your fiber to us

  • We will communicate via email with you during the time you fiber is with us. Please respond to our questions. This will ensure timely processing.
  • Upon receipt, you will be added to the production calendar and given an approximate completion date. If your fiber was mailed to us, we will email to let you know it arrived.
  • Upon completion of your order, we will send you a final invoice. Your products will be shipped to you once your payment is received.
Outstanding accounts will be assessed a 5% charge on any balance due over 30 days and for each additional 30 day period the account goes unpaid. Fiber/yarn from accounts unpaid after 90 days will become the property of NEWAIM Fiber Mill.

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