The Process

Washing (all fiber will be washed on premises)
Washing removes dirt and oils.

Separates the fibers in preparation for carding or dehairing.

This process will remove guard hair and excess vegetation. Fiber will be dehaired only by request or if the fiber has excessive vegetation. We will contact you if we feel the fiber must be run though the dehaired. Weight loss will occur during dehairing. This process is recommended for all llama fiber and fiber from older alpacas.

Aligns the fibers into roving in preparation for spinning. Some weight loss may occur during carding.

Thins the roving in preparation for machine spinning.

Single strands are spun and then plied for a 2-ply yarn. Yarn is put on cones, but skein winding is available.

Steaming and Winding
Steaming sets the twist of the yarn as it is wound onto paper cones.

Winding the yarn from a cone into separate hanks. This can be done by specific yardage.

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